What WOMEN Are Saying

“Shenoa’s Desire Map temple sessions helped me really explore what  held me back or kept me trapped”

I’ve been following Shenoa for a little bit and was super happy when she started offering 1:1 Desire Map sessions last year. I was at a turning point in my life. I’ve Desire Mapping solo with the book, but somehow it was a lonely experience and I needed someone to keep me accountable. I knew I needed some guidance to truly identify and become in tune with my desires. Shenoa was lovely to work with. There were many “aha” moments, and the 1:1 mentoring sessions helped me dive deep within myself to uncover desires and feelings that I did not know existed. It is a powerful, magical experience.

Julie P. Soon to be mama, Florist,  France


“I don’t know where I would be today without Shenoa’s support and guidance!”

We, especially as women, never take time to work on ourselves. We’re always giving and being there for others – which is wonderful, but what I’ve learned over time that in order to truly give and be there for others, you’ve got to give and be there for yourself first. Whether it’s a career or a relationship or some other major life choice I constantly move forward based on SHOULDS.

“I should take this job because everyone says it’s such a great opportunity” or “I should stick this relationship out even though I’m not really into it.” I was at a crossroad and my big aha’s was to realize that my life was governed by “Should”. My life was a Should galore…

If your life is constantly driven by shoulds, then Shenoa’s 1:1 mentoring is made for you! It’s an opportunity to take time to gain some clarity, shift your perspective, and connect all your dots to create life by their own terms..

Karen M, Proud mama and  Music teacher,  USA

“I feel much less overwhelmed”

It’s been few months since I took Shenoa’s Hygge Your Soul mentoring sessions. I’m a recent “empty nester” and this life change was a tough one for me. “Hygge you soul” gave me practical tools and technics to feel joyful again. The experience has been incredibly full and humbling, to say the least. At times the feelings of self-doubt overwhelmed me, but those moments were followed by huge learning curves and feeling of clarity and I dare to say “empowerment”.

Lara K, Mama, England


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