Who stole my white space?


It is now the mid-february and most of us fell of the wagon with their inspirational New Year’s Resolutions.

A great tool to keep your mantras in plain sight is making room for visual / spiritual / physical white space.


Everyday we can feel this energy being sucked out of us .

Physically // Mentally // Energetically // Spiritually

Who stole my WHITE SPACE  should be  a recurring question  as this is our vital energy.



We feel disconnected from our loved ones / from ourselves.

We need room to breathe and expand. A cluttered mind or home is no fertile soil for self growth.


Who stole MY white space?

White as in pure.

Space as in living

Space    between   things.

Most admitted answers?


Work and everything related to this work

Time on the computer (Social Media : Facebook / Pinterest/ Instagram / emails /  that in the end as really nothing to do with Social).

“Too muchness” : too many things to care for (clothes / toys / chores related to all our belongings + current way of living/dealing with it)

Our daily crazy schedule can be also blamed. Our ever expended to do list can be also held responsible. But who let it happen in the first place? Time to take responsibility for our actions or lack of them.

When u are constantly consuming + caught up with what everyone else is doing, you don’t have time to find your own voice @unlieusurterre (CLICK TO TWEET)

Why is it so important to

MA K E   S P A C E ?





To reclaim time.

A need to have longer days OR a need to make days appeared longer?

I realize that I have the whole thing wrong: I keep saying to myself that I need days of 48 hours to accomplish it all.

In reality: I need to make my day appeared longer by enjoying doing most of the things that will unravel during those precious hours.

Learning to say NO and stop being a “crowd pleaser”

Learning to say YES to “me time” to become a nicer person

In times of the glorification of being busy, reclaiming white space can be seen as counter-productive / selfish /new age / irresponsible .

Wondering what  drive those feelings ?  Our dear friend Mister FEAR, my dear.

Time to learn to be BRAVE and EMBRACE the right to say no to overcommitment.


To recover et rejoice.

To let room for growth.

Personal / spiritual /professional

Positive energy needs room to breathe and grow.

Focusing on the White Space allows you to tap into that inner creativity that produces results.




A brand new lexicon / vocabulary to make our voice louder :

“No,  thank you.”

“Un-used = un-necessary”

“my home :: my sanctuary”

“It does not have to be perfect to be beautiful :: simply allow white space (mental/spiritual/visual) to flow your day”



To re-focus + re-energize.





Everything is energy and energy needs space to do its  thing and help you keep focus or even better focus with new lenses on. Our belongings have emotions and energy attached them, our thoughts have energy attached to them and starting a new year with old stagnant energy will hinder us.

Create your own ritual: burn smudge sticks / Tibetan incenses / after each clearing and cleaning space to change and maintain the good vibes around you.

Make a list of your old habits the one that no longer sustain you but rather drag you down.

Burn it. Burning paper with those thoughts and words can be so powerful.

Be grateful to this “old” you but also aware that this is no longer what you need

Now envision and write/draw/collage what you would like your home to be for your soul:: connect with your deep self. I give many examples in Un-ravelling (Part One) . By clearing off and letting go your old self / the objects / belonging that no longer help you grow, you leave plenty room for new opportunities and come and shine.

I personally do this on a regular basis I am a believer in space clearing and creating a home for my soul. I believe in sacred space.


The principles of “White Space”


White space is a term used mostly  in web design. But its meaning can be applied to help us create that harmony our soul crave to grow :

<<White space in a design is the spaces around elements in the design to help them stand out or separate from the other elements.>>

The human mind and modern way of life make us believe that White Space is empty space and it has to be filled to the brim.




But allowing white space to be part of our environment will give us a sense of :

  • a clearer mind not taken away by clutter or too muchness around us
  • simili- luxury as in peace of mind/ less stress
  • breathing room to think  / rest / imagine / relax
  • improved life balance by enjoying  the view of  visual space that create and sustain a peaceful atmosphere.
  • more emphasis on what really matter to us



The best thing of all : when you focus on white space it will let you shine your personality


Time to re-think your old “you” and clear space every where you possibly can !

  • Professionally : calendar / to do list (with actionable verbs in them) / bits size manageable emails in your inbox
  • Visually : closets / belongings  :: do one area AT a time no more and get the give away boxes in the trunck of your car to make sure you will deal with them within few days only. There are many, many  books that will help you with this task that can seem Dantesque for many of us.  Borrow them from friends / local library! No need to buy them all and clutter your home some more 😉
  • Spiritually : connect with your soul friends / your feel good communities / erase your “toxic relations” (es, them, you know exactly who they are) from your contacts. Once and for all / attend classes, workshops, lectures that will lift your spirit.
  • Create a sacred altar within your home :: time to reconnect with yourself, your deep desires and keep them in focus. Write your sacred words / add some meaningful nature inspired forms / a candle. Make sure it is in a predominant sacred place of your home to see it and honor it everyday .

photo Celyn Nicholson - Un Lieu sur Terre



And I will always try to make it easy to do it for you!

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