Minimalist with soul: celebrating Christmas in a mindful organic modern way.



 The spirit of wabi-sabi  & simplicity can feed both our souls and memories.Reverence and respect for things that are handmade ;  finding new meaning and purpose for discarded objects ; and the presence of nothing more than is necessary, meaningful or beautiful (and the wisdom to know the difference) are defining elements of a wabi sabi.

Christmas is just around the corner. But, pretty please first take a deep breathe with me and feel a sense of calm.

Relax your mind and re-center on the moment.

I know you likely have a to-do-list that goes to the moon and back : but try to think about Christmas / Winter Solstice time in a much less agitated way. Recenter on the way you want to feel and experience this celebrating moments rather than follow the craziness around you.

This post will help you create a more meaningful way of hosting your guests and bringing soul to your Christmas / New Year Eve table setting. Time to create your own personal Holiday Spirit !

To make things easy for you I rounded up some simple ideas that are festive yet bring mindfulness with an organic modern  look to help inspire you.

This year dare the mindful  minimalist organic table look !

It is ALL about understanding what TRULY winter is.

Three words:


Once again, Scandinavian and Wabi Sabi will be my guide for this table stetting eye candy  special blog post.

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and insight from nature. Wabi (harmony) and sabi (simplicity) chooses humility over ostentation, asceticism over extravagance. When you embrace this way of living, you naturally choose handmade / vintage objects made with wood, clay or textiles over those manufactured with plastic.

Reverence and respect for things that are hand crafted ; finding new meaning and purpose for discarded objects : this is what Wabi Sabi is all about.

Sadly, by looking at people shopping around me these days, you can tell that some kind of Christmas fever caught on fire for the past 3 weeks : multitude of holiday-themed paraphernalia and more plastic and  soul deprived objects than I could even imagined (and I did not dare to venture in toys stores).

In the story of Stuffs, Annie Leonard writes in this blog post about “Reclaiming the Holidays”

“Minimalist Holiday Celebration with Soul is experienced, hand made, home cooked rather than purchased.
It helps us to create a “white space” in our hearts, minds and calendars in order to experience this lovely time of the year.
But let’s not  forget to let our own personality shine through!
Bring on your creativity and your out-of the-box-thinking!”

This should also reflects in our home and on our festive table.

How do you incorporate rustic or reclaimed materials into your home?

Easily as long as you are ready for a bit of a mind shift if you this has not been your traditional way of celebrating so far.

As I mentioned in this blog post “, all we need need is tune in with Mother nature around us and bring some of her simple beauty and colors inside.

Both Wabi Sabi and Scandinavian consist of rustic beauty, for things both manmade and natural and to the idea that things become more beautiful and valuable over time. Cracks in the rough grain of a wood tabletop and natural hardwoods; the asymmetry and irregularity of mix-matched vintage chairs; and soft, earth-toned paint palettes are imperfectly perfect examples of the wabi sabi style.

Worn, weathered decorative pieces full with personal meaning; ornamentation reclaimed directly from Mother Nature ; and an eternal sense of modesty and humility that gives a living space a special intimacy . This season, let’s embrace the mindful wabi sabi way of design and table setting.




In a nutshell, you will:

Candles /old crates (wintertime is the perfect time for candle light therapy)

Tree branches / pine cones / red berries / small trees

Terracota / ceramics / vintage touches (family heirloom)

Wooden table / mixed cozy chairs (and yes even Ikea…!)

Earth tone colors palette, grey +white+ black accents.












What part of Holiday Seasons (Winter Solstice/ Christmas/New year Eve) can you improve?

  • Is it cooking from scratch some family recipe with very few ingredients only bought at the farmer’s market?
  • Is it re-using, “tinkering”, “hacking’ complicated, expensive, stressful  family traditions for your table setting and your meal planning?
  • Is it lovingly teaching your family and children that this year you are going to try have a greener and more soulful Celebration time  ? 
  • And remember from  a previous post  about the value of the Wabi Sabi philosophy :

<< When the Japanese mend broken objects, they believe that when something suffered damage and has  a history,  it becomes more beautiful>>


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RAW+BOLD :: new quarterly eBook is now out !

Drum roll:

Let’s start this winter season of giving with::: Esprit d’Hiver [first winter edition]

from my new eBook serie “RAW + BOLD”

56 pages of stylish and quirky minimalist home decor and lifestyle ideas.




Yes ! It is here !

Now ready to be downloaded  {here and here} and enjoyed and tried and experienced and cheered!

I am so thrilled to let you know about my  new eBook serie being launched since Tuesday!

Few nights ago, was the “last “very late night/early morning kind of a day :: Skyping back and forth between Finland and Switzerland to add the finishing touches to the eBook, making sure that the process was smooth and easy.

This eBook serie has been on my mind for many months now. As much I love creating, making, I equally enjoy teaching, passing on my love for minimalist, quirky,  nature-focused, mindful projects to share around the Winter Holiday seasons.

All the 8 projects designed in this Winter edition are easy to make with very little technical skills or materials. It is all about reusing, recycling, incorporating found natural materials. Some involves your children and your friends.




Mind you :: this is not an eBook with 35 projects to make. I have personally nothing against it. I  believe in simplicity and I don’t want  you to feel so much overwhelmed that in the end you may be able to make one only projects out of this thirty-five.

My hope is to  have you enjoy those little moments of togetherness crafting, or solitude busily and merrily making secret gifts or home decor for the Winter season of giving.

I truly hope that you will feel inspired, refreshed, empowered by your own creativity.

Please don’t hesitate to share your own creative projects inspired by this eBook on my Facebook page: here.

I can’t wait to see your creativity bursting!

With love and gratitude,


Thanksgiving Mantra DIY tea bags tutorial.



 ⩔What you will need

Bits of organza fabric

The provided PDF template or your own design for the tea bag and its tag.

Sewing machine or a simple needle and some thread

Printer to print your tea bags tags.

Some of your favorite organic loose  tea 

A small funnel to fill the tea bags.

A container (Mason Jar, craft paper bag, hand sewn fabric bag to bundle your lovely handmade tea bags 

Masking tape / paint  / stamps to decorate your container 








Thanksgiving Tea Bags TEMPLATE PDF


✚ Use this template to cut your tea bag in your organza fabric .

✚ Cut it twice for each tea bag.

✚ Hand sew it along the edges, leaving one of the “roof” side open.

✚ Fill your tea bag with your beloved loose tea with the help of your funnel.

✚ Finish the tea bag by hand stitching with your embroidery floss the remaining open side.

Don’t forget to leave a long tail to attach your double-sided tag to it !

::TAGS ::

TRIM : cut to your desired size. I trimmed mine to one inch and 3/4 square (4.5cm)

 PAIR : Choose which tags you would like to pair together and glue them back to back “sandwiching” the black tea tag thread in between.

 GIVE : Find a pretty up-cyled mason jar or your preferred recycled box.

With positive thoughts, fill your container with your handmade Thanksgiving Mantra tea bags.

With simple  and natural materials (twigs / acorns / dried leaves / kraft paper / muslin fabric, etc…) decorate your  container.





::Here are some ideas from Pinterest ::


How to create a home that tells the story of who you truly are.



<<Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen. >>

Brene Brown from The Gifts of Imperfection:

Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.


How do you connect with the inner and the outer expression of your home decor?

In other words:

If you think about the things that really matter in your home, around you.

What would be truly on your list?

We care about things because in their own way they do represent us and they also do hold memory.
The difficult part, especially when we reach the end of the holiday season is to not get trapped like a deer caught in the headlights by all the consumerism all around us. We need to learn to stop and think before buying. In our rich countries, we all are under the same peer pressure, society pressure of buying something that will embody somehow our social status (or the recipient’s one, but this will be the subject of a next post) and to follow trends.

But resist and ask yourself this question “ Is this really telling the story of who I am ?”

I am currently reading Brene Brown book about living an authentic life, being true to ourselves.
It made me think about all the things that I used to buy years ago without really paying attention on the real purpose of it, nor the real need behind the purchase. It did not necessarily mean truly something to me. I probably simply saw it in a magazine, or at a friend’s house. It was more impulsive that truly needed or thought through.
In these very busy holidays periods full of tempting objects and trendy things to buy we need to remember that we are not the things we buy. But the things we buy can most definitely impact our health and others (for example buying organic cotton versus chemically grown fabrics), but also our mind, our mood and also reflect/define our lifestyle.

I believe that our home should tell our story. Every object can tell a story of who we are. That said, you also have to remember that – just like at a dinner parties – when everyone talks at the same time, nobody can fully hear the profound things that one of them might say.

All you hear is the  background noise.

Too many objects doing the talking act exactly in the same way in your home decor.


  • Are you ready  to revisit your Temple? 
  • Learn how to select your home decor carefully by listening to your objects, your furniture pieces carefully. Try to”feel their vibes”.
  • What stories are they telling you? Sad or happy ones ? Stories of success or failure? Yours or somebody else’s? Is this other person story lifting your energy or dragging it down every time you look at it? 

Think about keeping the ones that uplift your spirit, keep you grounded, remind you who you are but also where you are going, who you are becoming.

  • Surround your self with joy, let your inner light shine in your home decor and keep your mantra in full sight (as you know this is my brand – Un lieu sur terre-’s tagline, {wink, wink…!}). 
  • If you think about the things that really matter in your home, around you: what would be TRULY on your list?


And I will always try to make it easy to do it for you!

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THEN in the comment section below, please tell me how you plan to revisit your temple. I will be happy to give you extra tips on how to. Remember that it won’t happen over night…

As a thumb rule, and being a mixed media artist: handmade objects speak to my soul, mass produced  ones to my ego.via @UnLieuSurTerre 

Wintertime is the perfect moment to revisit our temples and let them speak our truth. via @UnLieuSurTerre

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Next week, I will share with you “The Goodness of Handcrafted Gifts : wisdom on gift giving.”

Stay true and stay tuned.


Be Summer Fresh Linen

In conjunction with my Etsy Love selection, 
this movie that inspired my Esty Love theme 
this week.


Inspired by the movie BE LINEN by Benoit MILLOT 

( a short film on Vimeo that follows the cultivation, 

production, and subsequent use of linen in a wide variety of products.), 

here is my selection for the Summer.


















Swedish Love ~

Swedish Love‘ 

Hej, Hej !

Coming back from a family trip to Stockholm, 

I could not resist to make a treasury about this 

beautiful, peaceful and bountiful.

So this week is about neutral colors, calming effect of wood, simple design.

I hope you liked my selection this week.
More beautiful and inspirational 
handmade and vintage items from Etsy next Friday ! 

Thanks so much for checking out my Etsy Love selection!

Enjoy !