Un-ravelling :: to a new year (Part One)

Unravelling  part one



1. a. To undo or ravel the knitted fabric of.
b. To separate (entangled threads).
2. To separate and clarify the elements of (something mysterious or baffling); solve.

On January the 19th, I transitioned from 42 to 43 year old.

Just a number out there.

A silly two digit number that to me feels a little different this time.

Time for some real change

Time to reflect deeper on why I am on this planet, besides taking care of our expending family.

I am happy to be a mama.

But I  deeply know and therefore want/need “more”.

“More” in a sense of more spiritually connected.

More than ever need to nurture and develop my self awareness /

my consciousness to my leadership skills /

My soul need to shine ever more who I am and take it out to the world. Further more.

My soul need to unravel the fabric of my  life to discover more of my inner wisdom.


That need to start TODAY.


“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.”—Deepak Chopra


And today will be  a longer post.

We will be talking about unravelling the fabrics of our lives.

So grab a cup of Chai tea, make yourself cozy and …. enjoy

I “missed” 3 weeks of posting with the Holiday season and a growing belly requiring me to simply lay down and read or sleep…

But I am  here now and I have a lot to share.


And for some of you that need to go to the “bottom of the matter”, right away:

{Discover my core desire feelings all the way down the page. Beautiful pictures with my words  that you can pin for your own inspiration. I share also with you my “soul playlist” that help me connect with those feelings}


(some days are just more packed than others. I totally understand)




until you come across the word “Nourished”






A new year has just started.


But we know the drill: on the beginning of every year we face the challenge of the [insert your choices] : dreaded / welcomed / silly / useful time of our resolutions for the new year to come.

  • What do I want to put out in the world this year?
  • What are my “projects”? Or “intuitive big or little desires”? It is usually both personal and business related.

We all have our techniques  [vision boards, meditation, creative  visualization, list on paper or digitally with the help of  so many apps].

We are all full of hopes and possibilities <<This time, I will…>>and usually by March we are back in square one…

It turns out there is a science behind “New Year Resolution”.

To be honest with you, I stopped taking New Year Eve resolutions many years ago, as I found them meaningless and depressing!

They were all falling short. Like an empty promise to yourself. My list were usually too long and not sustainable in the end. By the end of February I was usually totally off of the wagon. Life caught up and my first attempt to make me feel good was making me feel like a failure… Not so good.

I could tell that I needed somehow a “filter” to help out not feeling like a failure and still enjoying the natural process of having dreams for the new year to unfold.

I was looking into spiritual ways to get there. Creating altars, mini shrines, writing my dreams on paper and having  minimalist but meaningful rituals to sent them out to the “Universe” somehow.

This was all in my “B.C.” years (read: Before Children). Besides finding goals settings depressing on the long run,  I  also became a maman and somehow those rituals were slowly being replaced by others (bathing/feeding/caring/nursing/rocking…).

I was [temporarily] not the centre of my  own universe any more.

Few years back, as my children were at an age where things get more manageable and where they also could “participate”, I tried to re-implement some of those new years resolution rituals. I am a believer in the Waldorf philosophy so we used to have Waldorf activities our new year days. We made mini boats  with walnut shells, and set sail at night time with tea candle on mini island made with upside down  cereals bowl : all of this fitting nicely in a big plastic tub…  It is a great activity for little ones as they are ask to say  “wish/fortune” that will be written on the sail.

A premise of “goals with soul”… Or finding  the contour of your life purpose…

It is never too young to start asking some philosophical questions…


Fast forward years later : a year ago  I start shifting my thinking  again about New Year Resolutions when I came across  a book called  “The Desire Map” from Danielle Laporte.

Her way of dealing with “goals setting” has been said to be revolutionary by so  many people and media. I love the energy and creativity of this beautiful talented woman. She is so inspiring in so many ways.

As I was reading it along with her first book  I remember something in the same vein that I have been reading also  “many moons”  ago (in 2002 to be precise when the book was published) in a great book called “Moon Mother / Moon daughter : Myths and rituals that celebrate a girl’s coming of age“. You may or may not have read it. If not, let me introduce you to it.

 Moon Mother / Moon Daughter by Janet Lucy and Terri Allison.

I re-open this book after all those years, on January 1st 2014,  as I was  in my New Year cleaning/sorting-out-fever (probably also due to the pregnancy well know symptoms called “nesting”) but also to make mental and physical white space around me: more on this in the next week post).

But as always, -I should know it by now-,  books don’t fall upon my lap “by mistake”. This happens in my life quite often whenever I need them to read/re-read them. As by Esther and Jerry Hicks says it : <<Ask and it is given>>.  I sometimes need to remind myself to trust the Universe a lot more.  Hello,  Ser·en·dip·i·ty ! I have been missing you.

I needed to re-read this book for two reasons ::

1/ our older daughter is entering adolescence in her pre-teen years.

2/ the confirmation [if needed], that I was on the right track with simplifying my new year resolutions thanks to great minds like Danielle Laporte and Janet Lucy + Terri Allison.

In her first chapter she talks about “Moon Wisdom” and how she taught her daughter and her friends around the Winter Solstice to have a more meaningful Holiday and celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of a new one : She wrote

<< We planned to plant seeds of intention to represent this new year >> (page 11). She says << Since Christmas time is about wish lists, I decided to borrow from this theme (…) I invites them to make a list of anything they would love to do, be, have.>>One of the girl in the assistance asked a very interesting question << CAN IT BE A FEELING?>> (Page 12)

The author goes on with an great example :

<<Let’s say I wish for a sporty little car (…) it is more about what the car represents for me (…) being carefree,  free spirited >> (Page 13) It turns out that the teenage girls <<loved finding the essentials meanings behind their words and pretty soon they all had a clear understanding of the deeper desires behind their wishes>>.

Bingo ! << If they focused on the essence rather than the specific form, their wishes might show up in many unexpected way>> (page 13)

In a word:: you don’t find your purpose but your purpose finds you through your passion, your desire .  DO WHAT YOU LOVE DOING : these are your new year’s goals and purposes!

This is what Danielle Laporte calls “CORE DESIRED FEELINGS” or CDF for the insiders and dear followers of Danielle Laporte !

As Danielle writes it :

<<You’re not chasing the goal itself, you’re actually chasing a feeling.>>




Nourished :

My need to be even more eco-focused / eco-minded / self cared.



My great soul mates “PLAYLIST”  for NOURISHED:

Kris Karr /

Green Sisterhood /

Food News

FoodBabe /

ZeroWasteHome /

Skin Deep /

(to find out mean ingredients in your beauty products)

Sleep /


My need to be nomad all over again to connect to my inner wisdom.


My great soul mates “PLAYLIST”  for WANDERLUST:


[youtube id=”jNDZgvne_5k” align=”center”]

(I am fine, thanks – movie trailer)

Worldette /

Living off the grid /

Live your calling /


Numinous :



    My great soul mates “PLAYLIST”  for Numinous:

     The Female Grail /

    Danielle Laporte /

    Catherine Just /

    Abraham Hicks /

    Byron Katie /

    Eckhart Tolle /

    SuperSoulSunday /


    Raw & Bold


    Connect with who you deeply are.


My great souls “PLAYLIST”  for Raw & Bold:

Brenee Brown /

Danielle Laporte /

Mastin Kipp /

Sally Hogshead /



  1. fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, esp. to do something creative.
  2. create (a feeling, esp. a positive one) in a person. Inspiring people through my own creativity.
  3. animate someone with (such a feeling).

My great souls “PLAYLIST”  for Inspiring:

Danielle Laporte /

Catherine Just /

Ted Talks /




We all want to learn how to trust the direction of what you are here to share with the world comes from what inspires you most and make you feel the best possible you. Walk your talk and inspire others.

  • What do you love to do?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What can I do that I love doing to serve others?
  • Give yourself permission to start from a clean slate and start all over
  • Find few words to guide your journey and your “desires” for the year.

Lots of tools out there!

My favorites besides Danielle Laporte books are:

 Do what you love and her great free Pdf for 2014 //

For word lovers :: A little word //

For photo lovers : In plain sight //


Psst #1:

your purpose does not need to be a business related, as we usually go for right away.  It could just be “simply” being a great human being/friend/sister/mother. 


Psst #2:

pick only ONE tool or TWO at the most if you don;t want to be  overwhelmed and back to Square One at feeling like a failure again…

You don’t have to make it all happen now. Take simple steps to re-align your growth and your trust to own your “power”.




be human kind2_ram_revG

<< Remember that you will at time loose connection with your inner guide.

Once stepping on a spiritual path, it is about the journey and  the daily repetition / mantra .>>

Keep them on focus


And I will always try to make it easy to do it for you! Share this blog post on Facebook / Twitter /Pinterest by  following the easy links right below. I love to read your comments, so don’t hesitate to hop onto my Facebook Page on how you plan to  unravel the fabric of your life in 2014.



I will go deeper into how to create WHITE SPACE around you to support your daily mantras.



Thanksgiving Mantra DIY tea bags tutorial.



 ⩔What you will need

Bits of organza fabric

The provided PDF template or your own design for the tea bag and its tag.

Sewing machine or a simple needle and some thread

Printer to print your tea bags tags.

Some of your favorite organic loose  tea 

A small funnel to fill the tea bags.

A container (Mason Jar, craft paper bag, hand sewn fabric bag to bundle your lovely handmade tea bags 

Masking tape / paint  / stamps to decorate your container 








Thanksgiving Tea Bags TEMPLATE PDF


✚ Use this template to cut your tea bag in your organza fabric .

✚ Cut it twice for each tea bag.

✚ Hand sew it along the edges, leaving one of the “roof” side open.

✚ Fill your tea bag with your beloved loose tea with the help of your funnel.

✚ Finish the tea bag by hand stitching with your embroidery floss the remaining open side.

Don’t forget to leave a long tail to attach your double-sided tag to it !

::TAGS ::

TRIM : cut to your desired size. I trimmed mine to one inch and 3/4 square (4.5cm)

 PAIR : Choose which tags you would like to pair together and glue them back to back “sandwiching” the black tea tag thread in between.

 GIVE : Find a pretty up-cyled mason jar or your preferred recycled box.

With positive thoughts, fill your container with your handmade Thanksgiving Mantra tea bags.

With simple  and natural materials (twigs / acorns / dried leaves / kraft paper / muslin fabric, etc…) decorate your  container.





::Here are some ideas from Pinterest ::


The busy bee family

Our days are busy.
Busy outdoors :: growing food + taking care of our seven chicken. We got our first eggs yesterday ! My hubby and the girls are transforming an old cute building into a cool proper chicken house. (I will show you pictures of the before and after)
Busy indoors :: turning a not so special place into a very special one for our guests and family coming to visit over the summer. (More on this soon!)
Happily busy !
What is your summer filled up with ? 

Hay fever

This week end as the sun was playing hide and seek, we challenged ourselves with building our veggie garden “permaculture” way. 
And that involve lots of hay.
Hay means several trip to a local horse back riding place.
I wish we transport it the old fashion way like in this picture below. In reality  our car has been smelling like horse stable for 2 days now, mostly because one of our trip was for horse manure. Ah ! the things we do for homegrown veggies…
After reading many books (see list below) we decide to “take the plunge” (there is really no real risks involved besides failing). I did find some Permaculture classes around here but the amount of money asked seemed a bit “excessive” and it seemed wiser to invest on some materials instead.
We shall see if something grows out of our pile of hay.
We have some more “Hay Projects” that should take place during the summer… It will also involved a little more building and fencing…
Any tips and pearls of wisdom are welcome!

Books we read and enjoyed ::

*Jardiner autrement by Margit Rush
*Le jardin naturel de Jean-Marie Lespinasse
*Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale
*Introduction to permaculture by Bill Mollison
* The one straw revolution

Videos we enjoyed learning from :

this one  (french)
and this one (english) 

Channeling Heidi :: Winter Wonderland in Megeve

In the middle of our December chaos, we manage to escape four days,
 just my husband and I [no kids :: last time we took some time for ourselves was a year and half ago… and we bravely took 2 days off 25 km away from home. 
I told you “brave”]

This time around we got invited in Megeve by Peter’s work 
in a beautiful place called “Les Fermes de Marie”.

We good SO blessed by the weather 
[read] :: we experienced a real Winter Wonderland!
Nothing better than  90 cm of snow to let go all worries and stress 
from our very soon move.

We had a really great time, met really nice people [among them :: hello Stephanie from Sweden ! ], had great buffet breakfasts, we “spa-ed” a lot, we hiked, took lots of pictures.
Still completely obsessed with mountain chalets [old & new – but preferably genuine]
Love the contrast of white and shade of browns.
So peaceful.

Here a [small] selection.

Enjoy !